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From performances to magazines, Nez has experience and education to coach you through anything. She will coach you through building your self confidence, training you to increase strength or prep you for your next competition.


Welcome to the official web site of the multi-talented Nez Smith!

Whether it's training submission wrestling and muay thai kickboxing at Ken Shamrock's Lion's Den, performing in front of the world's largest audience during the Super Bowl, teaching choreography for professional dance teams, teaching boxing and kickboxing side by side with world champions, promoting MMA fighters, training for national fitness competitions, advising clients with nutritional programs, or training athletes for better strength and endurance:  Nez has truly done it all!

With a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology (fitness, nutrition and health emphasis), a National Certification in Weight Management consulting, TRX Suspension and group instruction, and years of competitive fitness and dance, Nez has the extensive knowledge and expertise in numerous topics. From weight lifting, cardiovascular training, nutritional consultation, supplementation, to flexibility, balance, speed, dance instruction, and competition preparation, Nez has the energy and dedication to help you focus and achieve your specific goals. (see her resume)

Find out for yourself! Nez, aka "FitNez", is a very unique and motivating trainer. Work with her one on one or in a group setting, with a comfortable atmosphere that makes getting fit a truly inspiring adventure. She will guide and support you on your journey to accomplish your goals.

Build Strength and Confidence in Mind and Body.

Read what Nez's clients had to say when asked why they chose to train with her. Read all the different answers and what service she provided for them. There’s one thing they all agreed on; she delivers results!

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